Pilgrimage Tickets

Please call as instructed below for tickets.
Call (334) 687-3793 or 1-888-EUFAULA (888-383-2852) to purchase tickets

All online ticket sales are now CLOSED!
You may purchase tickets onsite at the Pilgrimage Ticket Office.

Group Tours
Group tours can be customized to fit your schedule and needs! For more information on tour groups, please call (334) 687-3793 or 1-888-EUFAULA (888-383-2852)

Ticket Office & Information
First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall
201 North Randolph Avenue

Thursday: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Message Board and Lost & Found located here.

Admission Pricing
Daytime Homes - $7.00 per home (9am - 5pm)
Candlelight Tour - $7.00 per home (6pm - 9pm)
Best Deal! Tour Package - $60.00 (includes all daytime & candlelight tours)